Good Lyfe Ethos

Good Lyfe Project Ethos

Lyfe Vision

Our products are committed to creating a good lyfe for the individuals, communities & the planet.

Lyfe Mission

We identify & globally distribute holistic wellness & other products made by communities in India. These communities use organic & sustainable methods that preserve nature’s goodness. Good Lyfe Project is a value-creating chain that aims to transform the livelihood of its users, communities, employees & the planet. All our products comply with the world’s best quality standards for manufacturing, are non-GMO & carry USDA organic certification.

Good Lyfe Project Values


Lyfe Values

  • Indian
  • 100% organic & commitment to quality
  • Integrity & transparent value chain
  • Value creation
  • Harmony with lyfe, environment & societies
  • Simplicity 

Lyfe’s Commitment 

  • Make available best quality product to our customers & adhere to the world standard’s and organic certification
  • Contribute to economic prosperity of the community & promote organic movement through programs & initiatives
  • Create economic value for the entire value chain - employees, farmers, manufacturers, suppliers, and partners
  • Foster planet-friendly sustainable & organic practices