Our Story

Buy Online Certified Organic India Made Products Good Lyfe ProjectIndia has a pristine beautiful side that resides in the villages. During one of our leisure trip, we stayed in the quaint corner of Kumaon in a guest house. The location required trekking for an hour to reach three beautiful guest houses overlooking the mountains. Each guesthouse was administered by a caretaker, who would take orders in the morning and would prepare the food from the produce. The food was simple & amazing & had the flavor of the region. During one such introspection conversation, the caretaker of our guesthouse invited us to visit his village. Our first visit to one such place. We did visit his village and had one of the first glimpses into a village. It was planned, buzzing with life & energy. Importantly, we had the most amazing meal. 

Everything about his place was perfect. We started to think, is there something that we could make better?

 This is only the village that we visited and this is not one such story where it ends. Every such village, every such community that we have encountered is so rich in tradition & spirit. Each place has a story to tell which has been going on for generations, like a best-kept secret. Whenever one of us travels back into these villages, we are filled with the immense potential of the region, which defies the time. We started to think about how we can start contributing to such communities & build an economically viable business model for everyone concerned.

This year’s COVID situation amplified our inclination. One of my known Ramakant’s son had a difficult passage back home from the city. It may well be that he won’t be any going to the city anymore because the trauma has been so severe. But in the first place, why should such people go out in search of better? Can we create an economic incentive for him to thrive where he is?

Thus was born the Good Lyfe Project to identify, collect & globally distribute quality produce, farmers, suppliers & communities who are committed to doing their best to offer the best. The Good Lyfe Project works with such farmers & communities to aid the livelihood of the entire ecosystem. 

The entire chain is committed to sustainability & best practice.

  • Preserving the natural way of agriculture, chemical-free & organic
  • Economically empowering villages economically
  • Economically empowering small suppliers
  • Making the community self-reliant and proud of their work
  • Best certification that certifies the method through an independent body
  • Providing Marketing & Global distribution for their produce

The Good Lyfe Project is committed to creating a good lyfe for the individuals, communities & the planet.