Amla Superberry Powder Story

Good Lyfe Project Amla Plantation

Amla - The Indian Gooseberry

“The words of the elders are like the gooseberry: bitter at first, then sweet.”

Good Lyfe Amla Superberry Powder comes from Rajasthan, which is considered to be one of the best regions for Amla produce. The Amla that comes from this region has a sweeter taste compared to elsewhere. The tree likes the dry tropical region & can grow in light & medium soil condition. Care is taken such that the young tree is protected from heat & hot winds. After 3 years the tree is ready and bears crop between October and December. It is not surprising that it is during winters that Amla is recommended to boost immunity & vitality.

Farmed with Love

Good Lyfe Amla Superberry is grown in an organic plantation. The cultivation is supplemented with non chemical organic farmyard manure. The farming technique that is used is called shield budding. Budding is done on one year old seedlings, with best buds collected from the plant with the biggest & best fruit.  A lot of love goes behind making this fine quality organic produce. 

It is our endeavor to help the community continue the effort taken to maintain the quality. In order to do so, we have pledged 1% of the sales proceeds towards various development programs supported by us.

Good Lyfe Project Amla Superberry Powder Buy Online
Good Lyfe Project Amla Superberry Powder Buy Online

Good Lyfe Amla Superberry Powder

The potent nutrient-rich, Amla, called as Amalaki in Sanskrit, means sustainer or prosperity. The power-packed superfood can make significant changes in your life and fill it with happiness. It is therefore important to ensure that each element of the chain from cultivation and manufacturing is geared to deliver this to you.

Only the high quality mature Amla fruit is selected and cleaned thoroughly to dirt and surface contaminants. This is followed by drying and processing while maintaining the optimum temperature.

Good Lyfe Project Amla Superberry Powder doesn't contain any artificial color, preservatives or added powder. It is 100% organic & has a unique sour, bitter taste. 

Good Lyfe Project Amla Superberry Powder 200 gms pack front Buy Online
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Certified Organic

Amla Superberry Powder is USDA certified, one of most trusted certifications in the industry

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Chemical Free

Good Lyfe Project Amla is grown in a chemical free environment so that you consume complete & unadulterated natural produce

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Biodegradable Pack

Good Lyfe products come in a oxo-degradable packaging. These bags are made with 40 to 60% (by weight) renewable & biodegradable wood pulp. 

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