Where can I buy Moringa, Ashwagandha and Amla from?



Good Lyfe Project Buy USDA Certified Products Online


Let's just make our peace with the fact that we're living in a state of hyper-surveillance. Whatever you're talking about, thinking about or are *going* to be thinking about- your electronic devices already know and are going to be magically targeted. So you're mostly not going to need this article. However, we have witnessed that it is quite difficult to find good place to buy certified organic products. Now that you have already started your journey, and if you're confused about how to find these magic powders- Good Lyfe Moringa Superleaf Powder, Good Lyfe Amla Superberry Powder and Good Lyfe Project Ashwagandha Superoot Powder, here are our selected #3 channels you should consider:

#1 Grocery store/Supermarket:
If you're someone who likes to go pick out their groceries, add these two powders to that list you've curated over years of changing and adding items. The powders might not be available everywhere physically since the consumption isn't rampant, yet(!) For the countless benefits that they have to offer, countless people unfortunately do not incorporate them into their diets. Organic section is getting more & more popular in such stores, and if you are a very particular like us, you should check it out. However, chances are likely that that you may not find Good Lyfe Project products there, because we sell only online.


    #2 Pharmacy:
    You can also add these no-chemical powders to your pharmacy list because to be fair, they do have healing and medicinal properties. The anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties; vitamin content and other disease combating properties of amla and ashwagandha should encourage you to make their consumption as regular as the consumption of your usual medicines. We highly encourage, drop the chemical laden pills and use the natural USDA certified organic powder as supplement. The next best alternative to having it naturally.


    #3 Online:
    Easiest one- Order 24x7! Good Lyfe Moringa Superleaf Powder, Good Lyfe Ashwagandha Superoot powder and Good Lyfe Amla Superberry powders are available on our website Amazon, Flipkart and on our website (obviously). An obvious advantage is that ordering online saves you the trouble of physically going out to purchase the products. To make it sweeter, we have added the subscription method, so that we can automatically place the order, basis your consumption. Sweet! Additionally, what we've seen is that the long-term benefits of consuming these non-genetically modified and organic indian powders are far higher than the short-term ones. In order to see some enormous changes and improvements, consistency is key in the purchase and use of them. By adding these powders to your cart and purchasing them regularly (somewhat like renewing your gym membership)- monthly, quarterly etc based on the quantities you purchase at once, you'll be able to gauge how they're working for you and see for yourself.


    Long-term payoffs of making small and short-term health changes to your life are great and can help you stay disciplined with your consumption of these two products grown using sustainable farming. Of course, since moringa, amla and ashwagandha are versatile powders, this process doesn't need to be boring at all and you can play around with how you want them to enter and enrich your body- we've suggested some methods in our own recipe blog too :). Talk to us on Instagram

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