What Is The Best Way To Consume Moringa?


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Moringa or drumsticks is a widely known superfood packed with essential amino acids, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. We all have cooed over the myriad benefits of this power plant ranging from weight loss to boosting immunity. Our grannies have told us that it has more anti-inflammatory powers than any other herb or has more protein content than the exotic kale. 

Yet, incorporating this miraculous food in our hectic life seems difficult. A convenient solution is to consume this superfood in powder, tablet, energy bars and other exciting forms. 

Sourced from biodiversity hotspots of Chhattisgarh, Good Lyfe Moringa SuperLeaf Powder, and Good Lyfe Moringa SuperLeaf Tablets pack all the nutritional benefits of the powerplant. Its palatable spinachy taste goes well with most food items. Just add moringa powder to your daily diet, pop it in a tablet form or munch on the healthy snack bar for a healthy body and radiant skin

Here are some easy ways to incorporate moringa in your daily life for the best health benefits:

  • Add it to your roti/paratha- Add moringa powder to your atta to make your roti/paratha more nutritious. Remember to add a pinch of salt to balance the moringa flavour. 
  • Steep it into your green tea - Add moringa powder to your green tea and enjoy the unique flavour with the various health benefits. Simply steep in  a spoonful of moringa powder with green tea in hot water. Add a dash of organic honey and lemon juice for palatable flavours.
  • Add it to your everyday smoothie or juice - Add nutritional punch to your morning and evening smoothie or juice by adding a spoonful of moringa powder. Moringa blends well with smoothies such as kale, spinach, pineapple, or mint. Get creative by adding moringa to your apple juice or coconut water.
  • Stir it in your soups or stews - Stir in moringa powder in your soups or stews for an added nutrition boost. The flavour and benefit of moringa compliments the bloat-busting asparagus, immunity-boosting squash and protein-rich chickpea. 
Never cook moringa in your soups or stews. Always add it towards the final stage for the best benefits. 

  • Bake it - Add moringa powder to your baked goodies, such as zucchini bread, cookies, chocolate muffins or brownies. Moringa tends to give a green tinge to any food when added, so adjust the quantities accordingly. 
  • Add it to your favourite guacamole recipe - Mix moringa powder with avocados in your favourite guacamole recipe. The flavour of moringa goes well with avocados and adds an extra boost of anti-oxidants. 
  • Sprinkle it on your salads, roasted vegetables, eggs, pasta or risotto - Sprinkle moringa powder on your greens, salads, roasted vegetables, chicken, eggs, risotto or pasta. The green colour adds a vibrant hue to your special dishes.
  • Blend it in your dips or sauces - Moringa powder is easy to add to homemade or store-bought salad dressings, dips, sauces and seasonings. Give a healthy punch to your salad dressings, dips or yoghurt by adding moringa powder. 
  • Pop a moringa powder tablet - Too lazy to add moringa powder to your food or not a fan of the spinachy taste of moringa powder? Harness the extraordinary health benefits of moringa now available in the form of a pill. Just pop a Good Lyfe Moringa SuperLeaf Tablet every day to enjoy the various health benefits of the superfood. 

Add Good Lyfe Moringa SuperLeaf Powder or Good Lyfe Moringa SuperLeaf Tablets to your daily diet for a healthy body and radiant skin! 

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