What Is Lakadong Turmeric ?

Buy Turmeric Powder Certified Organic India Made from Lakadong Good Lyfe Project

Lakadong Turmeric - The Healing Midas Touch

For those “not culinarily inclined” (also a popular song by The Alchemist), turmeric is an essential ingredient that gives most Indian and South Asian curries its beautiful golden tinge and musky flavour. A member of the herbaceous perennial plant Curcuma longa family, turmeric is used in Indian culture for thousands of years as a cooking spice and medicinal herb for home remedies. The eminent root finds its presence everywhere from kitchens to beauty products, from medicine cabinets to auspicious ceremonies.

Turmeric or Haldi is almost a way of life weaved intricately into our daily living. You may fondly recall the tough yellow Haldi stains on your clothes during your growing years or your grandma applying the Haldi paste to your cuts and bruises or gulping down Haldi-doodh to treat the seasonal cough and cold. Indian traditional weddings are incomplete without a Haldi ceremony with friends, family members and relatives smearing the golden paste on the soon-to-be-married couple.

Such is the stature, faith and trust imposed in this golden herb. Its been a part of the subconsciousness of the Indian culture for ages. The scientific community also validates what Indians have known for a long time — turmeric contains compounds that promote good health and faster healing.

Moreover, the Coronavirus pandemic made everyone sit up and take stock of their immunity levels. The world got talking about our age-old Ayurvedic wisdom for its formidable healing, immune-boosting and medicinal properties. Search for benefits and uses of Giloy, Triphala, Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Turmeric and more set the google engines buzzing. 

Did you know that not all turmeric is created equal?

Turmeric owes its healing power to its main active component, curcumin. Apart from infusing turmeric with its bright, golden-yellow colour, curcumin is also responsible for its wide-spectrum therapeutic properties like antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, antifungal, antimalarial, anticancer and so on.

But there is a catch here!

The higher the curcumin percentage, the higher the medicinal potency of the turmeric. So, it makes sense to choose a turmeric variety which has more curcumin percentage.

Interestingly, the usual turmeric varieties available in local stores have low curcumin content, just about 2 to 3%.

What is Lakadong Turmeric?

Lakadong is a small village in the state of Meghalaya, India. Located in the Jaintia Hills, Lakadong has the right climate, rich soil, rain and dedicated farmers to produce curcumin-rich turmeric with concentration as high as 7 to 12%. Lakadong turmeric is understood to be the finest in the world because of its strong aroma and a distinct golden-yellow colour. The high curcumin content of Lakadong turmeric makes it a potential immunity-booster loaded with innumerable medicinal properties.

So how do you get hold of this Golden Treasure?

Buy Turmeric Powder Certified Organic India Made from Meghalaya Good Lyfe Project

Good Lyfe Project Lakadong Turmeric Superoot Powder packs for you the bountiful health benefits of turmeric in its purest form. Certified by USDA & India Organic, it is free of any preservatives, dyes or artificial flavours. The vibrant colour, robust aroma, healthy flavour, the freshness of our Lakadong Turmeric Superoot Powder makes it the complete package, indeed! Just place an order to buy our turmeric powder online.

Why Good Lyfe Lakadong Turmeric Superoot Powder?

BECAUSE Good Lyfe Lakadong Turmeric Superoot Powder is not any ordinary turmeric powder!

  • Nutrient-rich, Curcumin-rich Turmeric
  • Buy High Curcumin Turmeric Powder Certified Organic India Made from Lakadong Good Lyfe Project

    The Good Lyfe Lakadong Turmeric Superoot Powder has as high as 7.5% pure curcumin, earning the distinction of being the best-rated turmeric.

    Loaded with optimal medicinal properties, it can help you in many ways:


    • Build and strengthen immunity
    • Promote faster healing
    • Boost heart and brain health
    • Fortify bones 
    • Combat gastrointestinal issues
    • Ensure better digestion
    • Neutralise pain and inflammation
    • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels 

    And that’s not all! Turmeric can do wonders for skincare routine as well. Regular usage in forms of body scrub and face packs can help you get glowing skin. It can also prove beneficial in treating skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, eczema, rosacea.

    Learn more about skincare and beauty hacks with turmeric. 

  • 100% Natural and Authentic

  • With Good Lyfe Project Lakadong Turmeric Superoot Powder, you get what is grown naturally by the hard-working, proud farmers of Lakadong who are committed to reaping good quality turmeric roots by following traditional farming methods. Ethically and directly sourced from the farmers, it is hygienically processed in-house to ensure premium quality for maximum health benefits.

  • Sustainability-promoting

  • Holistic self-care is all about taking care of our health, fellow human beings and our planet. If you are looking to live naturally and do your bit for the environment, then you would love to stay true to your values by making the right choice with Good Lyfe Lakadong Turmeric Superoot Powder.


    How to Use Good Lyfe Lakadong Turmeric Superoot Powder?

    You can incorporate Good Lyfe Lakadong Turmeric Superoot Powder in your daily lives in many delicious ways. Add it to your favourite curries, veggies or scrambled eggs or kickstart your mornings by adding a dash of it in your tea or piping hot espresso. Check out our recipe section for delectable Turmeric latte mixes and luscious milk smoothies (add recipe link). You can also go for a glass of warm golden milk (Haldi-doodh) before bedtime and ensure a good night’s sleep. Double whammy, for sure!

    Just a pinch of it is enough to flavour your favourite dishes and to live a healthier life!

    Health Tip!

    Use turmeric in combination with black pepper to facilitate better absorption of curcumin. The piperine in black pepper amplifies the power of curcumin present in the turmeric.


    Sniff your spices to check their authenticity. Stronger fragrances imply that the nutrients are intact to extend the all-out advantage. 

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