Top 5 Key Health Benefits of Moringa Oleifera

Good Lyfe Project Benefits of Moringa

Moringa has been a well kept tradition with tribals and communities. In different parts of Asia & Africa, government and non-government programs are focusing on cultivating Moringa for mass production to exploit the nutritional power and medicinal properties. The powdered form of the leaves is found to give comparatively higher vitamin content than other natural sources. It is our happiness superfood.

Let's look at the benefits that Moringa provides...

#1 Health & Well Being
One of the indicators of good health is to have high levels of immunity. Moringa is rich in nutrients such as Vitamin E, B Complex, Vitamin C and mineral such as potassium help to improve the metabolic rate and foster better assimilation of food. Vitamin B helps in reviving our central nervous system (CNS). That is why consuming the plan gives a feeling of overall freshness with higher energy levels.

#2 Improves Sleep Quality

Having timely and regular sleep cycles is considered as another indicator of good health. Moringa is used to alleviate symptoms of sleep deprivation, anxiety and depression. Tryptophan occurs naturally in high levels in Moringa Oleifera, which helps to control depression, & insomnia, stabilizes emotional mood and eases the perception of pain.

#3 Cures Headaches & Pains
It has been a common practice in Indian villages to use fresh young green leaves to cure headache & pains. Moringa leaves are crushed by hand and is applied to the forehead to get relief from severe headaches and migraine pains.

#4 Reduce Anxiety & Stress
Juice made from fresh Moringa leaves, is known to treat and reduce anxiety in any adverse situation. Tea made from Moringa Leaves is drunk by patients suffering from gastric, ulcer as well as diarrhea. The tea has a number of detox properties and is comparable to green tea.

#5 Weight Loss

Moringa is also used for detoxification of the body and as an ingredient to encourage weight loss. For all its nutritional values and many benefits and uses Moringa Oleifera has earned the title of “Nature’s Most Powerful Superfood”.

A small change in your diet to include Moringa everyday can do wonders.

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