Top 4 Ways to Consume Amla

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One of the common question that we always get asked is - How do I consume Amla?

At the core of it, we're just comparing very healthy and beneficial forms of an organic and indigenous product that's going to reap maximum benefits once you make it a part of your diet- so it is a win-win-win-win---- situation- but let's see which one could be the biggest win-

We already know that the Good Lyfe Amla Superberry powder gives you glowing and radiant skin, improves the quality of your hair, and aids your digestive system amongst other benefits and we've recommended you consume it post a workout session or a run.

Your options for consumption are-

  • Amla fruit
  • Amla powder
  • Amla juice, and
  • Amla capsules.

According to us, go for the powder (hands down!), but let's see why-

Fruit form
While this is a healthy form of consumption, we’d have to rule it out for two reasons

  1. It won't go easy on your taste-buds.
  2. More importantly, because for optimum results, we recommend daily or regular use and fruit season does not last all year round. (Remember: best things in life take time and patience)

Juice form
Like most things that are rich in nutrients, this product in its natural form doesn't become best buds with your taste buds (sorry) and so even in our recipes, we've added it to products containing sugar. So, Amla juice when sold to you, to make it bearable to your tongue, also contains some preservatives or sucrose that could dilute its nutrients. Since this is a non-genetically modified "magic" powder that you're consuming alongside other preservative-filled foods through the day, it would make more sense to not really mess with the essence of it and keep it as natural as possible. We're all dealing with already fast lifestyles, so while introducing a small organic change, it would be good to keep it as unadulterated as possible.

Capsule form
This is also a great alternative but something you’d see as a medicine or a supplement while adding to your diet. There’s a high chance of you getting bored of this form soon and giving up on it because of its monotony, especially if the results aren't instant. Like we've said earlier, this is a slow process.

Amla powder (Our recommendation)
This is a versatile product that can be consumed in multiple ways. If you're feeling kind towards your taste buds and going easy on yourself because that workout was extra strenuous or you managed to run an extra kilometer, you can do yourself a favour and add some natural sweeteners such as jaggery- but the amount is under your control. This is ideal if you want to reap the benefits, and treat the consumption as a fun activity (with mixing of other ingredients). It combats the three problems we've stated above- bitter taste, availability for a limited time period, and monotony.

While there are no hard and fast rules, every use boils down to one single word- . Whatever be your preferred form, have it regularly, to reap benefits. Have small quantity, everyday. Keep it regular and listen to your body. You will be surprised how these small changes can make a big impact.

Share your stories, inspire others and tag us (@goodlyfeproject). You never know where and when you could have sparked a natural organic revolution.

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