Moringa Oleifera: Nutritious & wholesome in every part

Good Lyfe Project Moringa Oliefera TreeMoringa, which comes from Drumstick tree is wholesome in all respect. Many parts of the tree are edible- the mature seeds, flowers, roots, immature pods, and even the leaves. However, each of these requires to be made in a certain way. Such as the flowers are edible only when they are cooked. The mature seeds from the tree are crushed to produce edible oil which doesn’t get rancid easily. The remaining seed cake is commonly used for purifying water (and was done in the ancient times by a number of the civilization such as Greeks & Egyptians.). Whichever part you consume will be nutritious.

Moringa is made from the leaves of the drumstick tree & has plenty of nutrients...

  • 90+ vitamins & minerals, including vitamin A to K
  • 46 Anti-oxidants
  • 36 anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Essential fatty acids including Omega 3,6 and 9
  • All 9 essential amino acids
  • Phytates & Polyphenols

One serving of Moringa gets you the required daily amount (RDA) of essential nutrition...

  • 22% Vitamin C
  • 272% Vitamin A
  • 125% Calcium
  • 71% Iron
  • 41% Potassium
  • 61% Magnesium

No wonder Moringa is the Superfood of the century and is a current fad world over. 

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