Moringa and Indian Cuisine

Good Lyfe Project Moringa and The Indian Cuisine

In this blog we will explore the many ways Moringa has been used in Indian diets.

Many must be unaware of the Moringa benefits but do you know, this 'miracle tree' is truly super loaded with nutrients? It contains a variety of nutrients, everything you think of. Comparing it to other other foods, Moringa has...

  • more potassium than bananas
  • more calcium than milk
  • more protein than yogurt
  • more vitamin c than oranges
  • and more vitamin a than carrots.

Moringa not only supports your cardiac health and prevents and manages diabetes but also vanishes your iron deficiency. It's not even difficult to incorporate it into our daily diet. It can be used exactly like Spinach in delicious smoothies, savory dishes, lip-smacking desserts are just a few that help you start this healthy habit. 

Though it's abundantly grown in the countries of Asia and Africa, it is widely available throughout the globe, all thanks to online shopping sites such as Amazon. Consumed in any form, powder, or as a whole, Moringa gifts the user enormous benefits. There is a strong bond between moringa and Indian cuisines too. Moringa has secured its position in Indian as well as the overseas kitchen.

Some use it in powdered form whereas some use it as a whole.

As aforesaid, drumsticks are grown in specific parts of the world, this whole stick may not be available everywhere. Though the internet is flooded with various brands offering moringa powder; our own Good Lyfe Superleaf Moringa Powder has a special story. It is made from one of the best fresh, young, and best moringa leaves picked from a bio-diverse area in the Indian state Chhattisgarh and processed under the most favourable conditions that keeps the nutrients intact. This eco-friendly processing leaves the users with an organic moringa powder devoid of any preservatives and chemicals.

Moringa has been put to use in Indian cuisine for more than a century and trust me, the dishes and vegetables are lip-smacking. Drumstick is one of the popular South Indian cuisine vegetables. Drumstick is one of the few trees of which most of the parts are edible. We can consume its leaves, stems, stalks, seed pods, young leaves, and roots, etc. It's truly a miracle, an nature's gift.
This magical product results in various savoring dishes such as Sambhar. Add turmeric and jaggery/sugar to add to the flavor. It is also worth mentioning idli, dosa and uttapam. These contribute to an unbeatable combination and when it's combined with moringa. You can either add chopped moringa leaves or use a powder. Doing so not only adds vibrant color and fragrance to your batter but also gives you a diet full of nutrition.

Parathas are Indian legacies. A complete and authentic Indian food is incomplete without them and hence, incorporating moringa in parathas is an unmissable option. It's the same as any other leafy paratha (like fenugreek). Wash, strain, and cut the leaves, and knead into a firm dough. Roll out the parathas of your thickness, roast, and serve hot with pickle, curd, tomato ketchup, raita, or anything of your choice. Better still you can add a couple of tablespoons of the powder to the dough. Check the full recipe here.

If you want to add moringa to your daily diet or willing to consume it every other day, dal is also a good option. Dal, already rich in protein, when coupled with moringa leaves, is a nutrition-full package. Green chili, ginger, and tomato can be added to enhance the taste. Add jaggery or lemon juice to enhance the taste. It not only eases the blood circulation but also improves the functioning of the heart.

If you are someone who is deeply in love with fried and spicy items, kofta must be there on your list. What if its taste enhances along with nutrition? Shocked while reading the words 'nutrition' and 'fried' together? Must be, but it's true! Whichever koftas you make, just add washed and chopped moringa leaves into the batter and prepare and serve hot the delectable koftas!

Smoothie is quite popular among fitness freaks these days. Apart from providing the taste, protein-rich smoothies also help in building muscles and burning fats. What if the nutrients get amplified?? Awesome it would be, isn't it? You can add one teaspoon of moringa powder to your favorite smoothie to get the best out of it. Check our popular Moringa Smoothie recipes here.

It may not be possible to get fresh moringa leaves every time, so you can look for the organic Good Lyfe Superleaf Moringa powder that is readily available online. Give this product a permanent place in your kitchen and get ready with enormous options for savory and healthy dishes. You can sprinkle some moringa powder on your salad or any fried item like pakodas; you can add half a teaspoon of this powder in your coriander/mint chutney, curd, raita, dal, and soup to make it more tempting and healthy.

Now, when we have counted on the benefits of moringa, it is equally crucial to know the dosage and side effects of its excessive consumption. Newbies are recommended to start with 1/2 teaspoon every day that may gradually increase to 1 teaspoon. Visit your doctor and take his advice before adding it to your daily routine, if you are on any medication, especially for diabetes and blood pressure. Even normal people can face certain adverse effects, like an upset stomach. Hence, be cautious with its usage.

All in all, Moringa is a great Superfood, one that is taking the world by storm. Small doses of Moringa taken regularly can bring about big changes in your life. That is why we call it a HAPPINESS SUPERFOOD. It is never too late to start your relationship with Moringa.

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