Long and Strong Tresses with Natural Hair Care

Good Lyfe Project Blog Long and Strong Tresses with Natural Hair Care

Don’t we all wish for good hair days?

But hair can be temperamental! And it seems to have a mind of its own.

We often encounter hair issues from hair fall, split ends to dandruff, dry and dull hair on most days. Our environment, stress levels, diet, and extensive use of hair products only aggravate our hair woes.

Seeking natural care solutions to restore hair health can be in the best interest of your tresses. Enriched with superfood ingredients, Ayurvedic herbs can do wonders for hair nourishment and treatment of hair needs. Plus, they have the added advantage of no side effects.

Try these helpful and easy Ayurvedic remedies for addressing your hair woes and get strong, shiny, silky tresses.

#1 Promote hair growth

One may seem to lose more hair worrying about receding hairlines and thinning hair!

If you’re looking to strengthen hair roots and reduce hair fall, try a nourishing elixir of onion juice, fenugreek (methi) powder, and amla powder. Applying it regularly to your scalp can help restrict hair thinning. The therapeutic properties of the potent ingredients can help revive damaged hair and promote strength and shine. If you find the strong aroma of onions bothersome, add a few drops of beneficial lavender oil.

#2 Heal Scalp Hair
Make an Ayurvedic hair oil of Reetha (soap nut), kalonji (black cumin), Bhringraj, and neem to promote a healthy scalp and hair. Packed with beneficial vitamins, minerals, iron, these powerful ingredients possess anti-inflammatory, antifungal qualities that can help cleanse the scalp to cure dandruff and itchiness. Their nourishing properties can strengthen hair follicles to add volume and stimulate hair growth. 

#3 Prevent Premature Greying
A potent mix of curry leaves (Kadi Patta), tulsi powder or holy basil, fenugreek (methi) powder can help tackle hair troubles like premature greying, hair fall and dullness. Together, these beneficial ingredients contain powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory abilities that can help ward off dandruff and scalp infections and restore hair vitality.

#4 Encourage Thick and Dense Hair

Try this nourishing conditioner made of ginger, aloe vera, fresh hibiscus flowers, amla powder to help hair grow thick and long. Ginger, a coveted nuskha for treating many ailments, can also work its magic for your mane. Together, all these ingredients with their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties pack a nutrient-rich punch to improve hair growth, enhance hair volume, and promote shine. 

#5 Improve Hair Texture
Apply a hair mask of bananas, ashwagandha powder (Indian Ginseng ), curry leaves to prevent split ends, strengthen hair cuticles, and boost overall hair health. Combine all the ingredients in a blender to form a smooth paste. Apply this mix on your scalp and hair. Wash it off after an hour or so with a mild shampoo. Regular application of this hair mask can deliver a natural shine and nourish your hair effectively.

Experience the magic of these Ayurvedic herbs to fix your hair woes and revitalise your tresses. Add shine and lustre to your crowning glory to look your best this festive season. 

Good Lyfe Project brings to you authentic and indigenous products that are ethically sourced. The company follows eco-friendly and sustainable practices to ensure quality products that care for the environment. 100% certified organic products (USDA & India Organic) are hygienically processed and packed as per global organics standards to ensure freshness and authenticity. 

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