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With schools gradually reopening, kids are back in the classrooms! 

As exciting a prospect, it may seem, it also hides some major health concerns for the school-going kids. Kids leaving the safe cocoon of their houses after over a year’s lockdown are possibly more vulnerable. And with winters upon us, they may not just be bringing homework home but also the mandatory seasonal sniffles and coughs.

Parents may like to take extra care to build a stronger immunity for their kids to ensure they remain healthy and fit. It may do good to turn to our kitchen pantries and herbal allies for time-tested solutions to help prevent infections and promote overall health and immunity.

Here are a few simple ideas for naturally enhancing your kid’s immune system and holistic wellbeing

#1 The Golden Milk
A glass of warm Haldi doodh first thing in the morning or before bedtime can work efficiently to boost immunity. Turmeric is an excellent immune health hero owing to its active compound, curcumin. Its antioxidant properties can prove beneficial for preventing cold, flu, and upper respiratory infections. You can add some strands of saffron (Kesar) to the golden milk to increase the healing properties. You may like to sweeten the milk with natural sweeteners like dates, honey, jaggery (Gur) instead of refined sugar. If plain ‘doodh ka gilaas’ seems boring, turn it into a latte. Check out this easy Shatavari Turmeric Latte Recipe for an exciting twist.

#2 Make mornings brighter with a colourful smoothie bowl
Kickstart your kid’s day with a solid dose of nutrition and health by whipping up a flavourful smoothie bowl. Simple and quick to prepare, a smoothie bowl can be a healthy breakfast option for your kid. Choose any fresh seasonal fruits or vegetables and sprinkle with desired treats as toppings. Add vitamin C rich fruits like berries, amla or superfoods like walnuts, turmeric, cinnamon to help improve immunity. Check out this delicious Sunny Turmeric Smoothie Bowl recipe for starting your kid’s day on the right note.
#3 Sweeten the tiffin without sugar
Most parents give in to their kid’s requests for candies, ice creams and cakes without realising the likely harmful impact of processed sugar on their health and immunity. So instead of foods loaded with refined or hidden sugars, go in for seasonal heirlooms like sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon, antioxidant-rich pomegranates and sweet potatoes, or fresh fruit salad to satiate your kid’s sweet tooth. They work well as instant energy boosters apart from delivering a generous dose of essential vitamins and minerals. You can also try Healthy Ginger Panjeeri Recipe as a nutritious option for relishing sweets.
#4 Offer nutritious snacks and beverages
Kids usually love snacking. But before they can reach for a pack of biscuits or the ice cream tub in the fridge, why not treat them to goodies that ace both taste and health. Opt for wholesome snack options like thinly sliced cucumbers, carrots with a hummus dip. Try these simple and delicious recipes Ginger Upperi Recipe, Ginger Oatmeal Cookies Recipe this season.

Quench their thirst with healthy drinks like ginger ale, freshly squeezed juice of seasonal fruits. Check out this Delightful Amla-beet Juice recipe

The cold season is the perfect time for comforting hot broths and soups. Homemade soups tick the box for both health and taste. Adding beneficial herbs like tulsi, ginger, mulethi or licorice to your kid’s bowl of soup can help ease symptoms of cold and flu apart from building immunity. 

Hit the link Immunity Building Soup- Tulsi, Ginger, Turmeric

When your kid is full of the right kind of foods, he is less likely to eat nutritionally poor foods.

#5 Serve Healthy Meals
Crispy, hot parathas hit a different note during the winters. Give a healthy twist to your kid’s paratha by choosing seasonal green veggies like spinach, methi as stuffing for enhanced taste and health benefits. The rich nutritional profile of green vegetables can keep gut health in check, strengthen immunity, and improve overall health. You can add a teaspoon of Moringa powder to your kid’s paratha for added nutrition. Packed with essential amino acids, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, moringa offers myriad benefits from boosting immunity to promoting complete health.

A balanced mix of a nutritious diet, good sleep, and regular physical exercise can work magically to enhance kids’ immunity. Make sure they stay suitably hydrated. Include seasonal vegetables, nuts and seeds in their daily diet to help fight against any possible infection. Avoid processed and junk food and white sugar. Also, consider introducing them to Yoga for building a stronger mind and body. Present them a nutritious and fitter lifestyle for a better and healthy future.


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