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Freedom To Dream

Charity Auction Of Indigenous Art NFTs

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Freedom to Dream Mission

Dedicated to Preservation of Indigenous Art

Freedom to Dream NFT (Non-Fungible-Asset) collections is dedicated to preserving indigenous art and to provide direct economics to such artists. Brought to you by Good Lyfe Project, the first series by Sangita Jogi is a 1/1 collection comprises of hand-drawn assets and a variety of scenarios from modern life. Each artwork verifiably unique. Better yet, every time you buy or sell a Freedom to Dream, 100% of royalties go to Sangita Jogi. As a proud member of the community, we are passionate about our vision to preserve artform and for it to be appreciated generations to come. In this mission, we have proudly collaborated with CollectSwap marketplace. If you join early, you will benefit from commit-to-earn (C2E) protocol & IIDP (Incentive distribution protocol) and this benefit comes as a value directly to you. In future offering, Freedom to Dream will bring more such artists to you and work towards creating a value for everyone. 

Good Lyfe Project Art NFT
100% handmade soap bar

Project Genesis

Passionate to create impact

Early this year, few strangers came together and shared the vision about technology and creating value. NFTs was exciting because, we started to believe that using NFT, digital art and smart contracts, we can create a meaningful proposition. This led us to understanding the potential of NFTs and eventually bringing us to this mission. Freedom to Dream was conceptualized with an aim to empower artists, take their art to the world, and provide perpetual royalties to them. The reality with resale royalties is that even though the right to resale royalty has been recognized in more than 90 countries worldwide, artists still struggle with it due to various intermediaries. The problem doesn’t end here, galleries charge around 50% commissions leaving them with the fraction of the sale price, that too with a very limited reach. We solve all these issues using blockchain. Through NFTs we are democratizing the art world for the artists and taking their art to the world, giving them what’s owed. Better yet, perpetual royalties are in the smart contract for subsequent sales. Also, using Blockchain makes it transparent for public scrutiny.

In this edition of Freedom to Dream, the smart contract of each of 50 NFT has royalties rights embedded for Sangita Jogi. So each time the NFT changes ownership, Sangita is assured of 10% royalty. At the same time we are building utilities for the owner, so that their investment appreciates.

About Sangita Jogi

“Custodian of Jogi Art”

In a country like India brimming with indigenous art, it is rare to find artists who have created their own artistic styles. Ganesh and Teju Jogi and their family are totally self-taught artists who have created their own pictorial idiom, each unique and beautiful. Collectively, their art is often called “Jogi Art”. 

Early in their lives, Ganesh and Teju, like their forefathers before them, practiced a profession that was customary in their village in Rajasthan. In the early hours of the morning, they moved through the streets singing devotional songs to wake people up. In exchange they were given grains, clothes and occasionally, money. A severe drought and changing times, however, forced the family to move to the neighboring state of Gujarat. Homeless and penniless, Ganesh and Teju reached the capital city, Ahmedabad, and worked as manual laborers for several years. A chance encounter in the early 1980s with Haku Shah, the eminent artist, writer, cultural anthropologist and sensitive Gandhian, was soon to be a turning point in their lives. He encouraged them to paint and draw and brought art into their lives. Though Ganesh has passed on, his family continues to make art. 

Sangita Jogi, the youngest daughter of Ganesh and Teju has emerged as a very popular artist, especially with her empowered women series. Her extraordinary talent was recognized very early when she was awarded the Kamaladevi Puraskar by the Delhi Crafts Council when she was just a teenager. Today she is a young mother of two living in an isolated village in Rajasthan with her husband and his family. Her days are filled with chores but her art is filled with whimsy. Sangita’s drawings are expressions of a dream that many women have – of a life of joy and freedom of expression. She draws women who express the joi de vivre of living – dressed to kill, riding bikes, partying, parachuting, strolling, dancing, smoking and sometimes, not doing anything at all but just being. All of this is so removed from her life in a family of marginalized manual labourers, where work is not constant, and a day’s labour brings in just about enough to feed the body. Yet, for Sangita, her art is her solace, her sacred space where she draws her fantasy life in a parallel universe. Her drawings are literally her avatars – all that she could be, all those millions of other women already are or are striving to be. Come, discover Sangita Jogi’s amazing women and men who promise to bring a smile to your face.

meet the founder
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About Swadha Prasad

Blending Traditional with Digital

Swadha has taken Sangita's art as the base and add her digital interpretation. She specializes in Design, Creative Direction and Visual Communication. This collaboration means a lot for us since this would be one of the first such collaborations, where the traditional meets digital.

Over the years, besides being an active creative design professional, she has been playing the role of daughter, wife, mother,and painter deftly. The multiple hats that she wears allow her to learn and grow every day with varied experiences. Painting, music, and designing is her meditation. She has showcased her paintings in multiple Art exhibitions and galleries in New Delhi. 

Committed to delivering value

Benefits for FTD NFT owner

  • Ownership of the underlying artwork and IP
  • Pass to exclusive club of original ArtDrops from select Freedom to Dream NFT artists in subsequent editions
  • Exclusive access to your FTD  NFT High Resolution file 
  • Holders-only raffles and discounts in subsequent editions
  • Hamper of Good Lyfe Project Organic product range
  • Access to CollectSwap OG community allowing you to avail a share of CollectSwap revenue perpetually


Freedom To Dream Roadmap

Pre-Launch Virtual EventIn pre-launch virtual event we’ll be bringing in the artist (Sangita Jogi) and team behind the artist to talk all about art and NFTs. We figured what could be a better way to launch Sangita Jogi’s collection than to showcase her work and invite our community to learn about their vision for art on the blockchain. Follow our twitter and discord for more updates.TBD
Early Committer’s AirdropYour support means the world to us. We want to thank you and recognize you for trusting us from Day 1! We want to show our appreciation by airdropping special Freedom to Dream NFTs to 5 early supporters. Please look out for update on Discord and Twitter for informationTBD
FTD Auction OpensAuction will open on 15th August 2022 at 12.00 PM. 15th Aug 2022. 12.00 PM
FTD Auction ClosesAuction will close on 17th August 12.00 PM. Each collector will automatically be eligible for Good Lyfe Project Products! And that’s not all... if your FTD NFT is used for any merchandise, you will receive a 20% royalty on each display. How cool would it be to see your friends or colleagues wearing one of the art pieces you own! We will also provide an option for relisting should you want to sell it again. 17th Aug 2022. 12.00 PM


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