Five Ways to Improve Your Digestive Health Naturally

Good Lyfe Project Blog How to Improve Digestive Health

Binge ate your favourite food … and feeling bloated? 

Licked clean that huge casserole … and it got too heavy?

Had a bowlful of spicy-oily food … and ended up with acidity and heartburn? 

Stomach upsets, bloating, acidity, and indigestion are common concerns that come with a hectic lifestyle and food habits. You don’t need to pop OTC pills or visit a doctor for mild digestive problems. The age-old ‘dadima ke nuskhe’ with everyday pantry items, herbs from your kitchen garden, and ‘Ancient Ayurvedic’ wisdom can come in handy.

Here are 5 simple remedies to take care of digestive health naturally.

Ginger Peppermint Chai
Ginger is used in treating mild stomach upset, soothe the intestinal tract, and aid digestion by improving saliva flow. Mint can calm the stomach muscles and improve bile flow.  Add a quarter teaspoon ginger powder and a few sprigs of mint or a drop of peppermint oil to brew a cup of hot chai for instant relaxation. 

Fennel Cumin Coriander Mix
Chew and swallow a spoonful of these seeds to soothe gut spasms, relieve nausea, control flatulence, and prevent indigestion post your meals. You can even brew a decoction with hot water and sip it like tea.

Triphala Tulsi Giloy Tea
Triphala promotes digestion and absorption of food and is used since ancient times to treat stomach disorders and detoxify the gut. Giloy or Guduchi helps improve digestion, reduce and eliminate excess gas. Tulsi, the ‘queen of herbs’, has carminative properties to treat flatulence and bloating. Together these herbs create a potent elixir to improve your digestive health. Add a quarter teaspoon powder of each and brew a cup to wash down the heaviest meals.

Mulethi Ginger Tea
Mulethi or licorice is a good remedy for acidity, heartburn, and stomach disorders to ease bowel movements. Ginger is known for its many benefits to improve digestion and treat nausea. Add a quarter teaspoon powder of each to a cup of hot water to cure your digestive issues.

Shatavari Turmeric Shake
Shatavari is an excellent herb to improve the digestion of food loaded with fats & carbs and cleanse your gut, while turmeric can treat acid reflux and flatulence. Replace a meal with a warm latte or cold shake made by blending half a spoon of Shatavari and a big pinch of turmeric in milk to soothe your stomach. You can add in a pinch of ginger powder for added benefits.

Pro-Tips to Keep Your Digestive Health On Track

  • Keep away your mobiles and switch off the television when eating. Mindful eating will help you relish your food, keep track of your intake, and help avoid overeating.
  • Chew your food well and eat slowly. Enjoy the aroma, and relish every morsel of food. 
  • There’s an old saying, ‘After lunch - rest for a while, and after dinner - walk a mile.’ This can help in the digestion of food. 
  • Keep your dinner light and preferably eat before 8 pm so that there is adequate time between your meal and sleep time. 
  • Avoid snacking on junk food, follow healthy eating habits. Keep a handful of nuts, energy bars, or homemade snacks handy as your on-the-go food.
  • Detox regularly to rejuvenate your body. It helps eliminate toxins, promote weight loss, and improve overall health.

Follow these simple remedies and try a few Yogasanas poses like Pavanmuktasana (wind relieving pose), Trikonasana (open triangle pose), Setubandhasana (bridge pose), Paschimottasana (seated forward bend pose), Balasana (child pose), or practice Pranayama (deep breathing exercise) to ease your digestive troubles. 

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