Amla Beauty Benefits

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In our previous blog, we've already discussed the numerous benefits of Amla (or Amalaki as it is called in Sanskrit) and what it does to your insides to make them healthier. What makes this power-packed fruit even more appealing is that it is equally beneficial to what is on the outside. Your skin and hair! 

Here's how the Goodlyfe Amla Superberry Powder can help with its beautifying properties

Skin beautifying:

The way amla helps as a beauty enhancer is that its non-chemical and non-genetically modified (GMO) properties help purify your blood, and its antioxidant properties give you radiant and youthful skin. Essentially, it hydrates your skin and makes it healthier (literally). If you're someone whose skin faces frequent acne breakouts, this powder used in its facemask form can help combat this issue. If poor weather conditions, pollution, and lack of time for skin-care have taken a toll on your skin and have led to wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, dead skin, and all the countless other problems. These have started plaguing everyone from a very (!) young age. If you're dealing with any of the issues mentioned above - look no further. Start including a bit of Amla in your daily routine, and let the magic work. What sets this powder apart from your usual beauty products is that is, in fact, 100% organic and grown using sustainable amla farming- so it's probably something even your daadi would approve of. Call this self-care, give it a shot!

Hair beautifying:

After skin, the second thing we care most about while trying to look presentable is obviously hair. (Also: Hair IS important - Fleabag, remember?). So, while you might've already given into ironing or cysteine or other procedures like most of us have, trying out some natural remedies along with them wouldn't hurt. What this Goodlyfe Amla Superberry Powder does is that it solves a lot of very common problems like greying (premature, of course, if you're old you should maybe just accept it), dryness, and dandruff. When applied on your hair (in a liquid form), it also has hair-straightening properties and acts as a conditioner- those are a LOT of things-in-one....We've been talking about beautifying for a long time but what essentially makes your hair look beautiful is its quality. This powder ensures that your roots are thick and the quality is rich- in short, surakshit kaale ghanne baal for you.

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