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With a busy lifestyle and multi-tasking roles to fulfil, women often tend to overlook their own well-being and health. With an increasing number of women spending less time pampering themselves or focusing on fitness and mental health, it is important to address holistic wellness to reduce risks and protect the cornerstone of the family. It is essential to balance the health triangle by focusing on 3 major wellness areas, viz, physical, mental, and social. There are no shortcuts to attain good health and mental wellness. Popping OTC pills may not be an ideal solution to fulfil the nutritional deficiencies or get rid of menstrual cramps, nor is the cup of caffeine loaded with white sugar a good response to uplift mood, or calories loaded junk food an answer to replenish energy levels.

Thankfully the age-old Indian wisdom has simple solutions that can help you take care of your health naturally. Check out these 7 Health Tips for Holistic Well Being with Good Lyfe's #dailydoeofhappiness to care for yourself and share the same with women you care for. 

Health Tip 1
Kickstart Your Day – The Healthy Way

 Mornings can be really tough for some. A cup of caffeine seems to be the natural response to wake up for the day. But before you reach out for the pot to brew your potion, consider these healthy drinks to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Kickstart your day with a glass of fresh ginger mint lemonade as a super simple detox drink or immunity-boosting flavorful Ginger Tulsi Masala Chai <link the recipe article> to start the day with a zing. Power up your mind and body with at east 20 minutes of physical activities like yoga, walking, or strength training and follow up with a healthy breakfast. No time to prepare an elaborate spread? Whip yourself a sunny smoothie bowl in 5 minutes

Health Tip 2
Cut the Junk – Reach Out for Healthy Alternatives

 Busy lifestyle calls for quick pick snacks. 4 pm hunger pangs can neutralise all the efforts you put in by having salad for lunch and working out for hours on weekends. Pick healthy options as your on-the-go snacks like fruit, baked goodies, or energy snacks. Have some time to spare on weekends? Roll some healthy Shatavari Ladoos or bake a batch of yummy Ginger Oatmeal Cookies and keep them handy as your pick-me-up companion. Not only they are delicious, but they also offer a host of health benefits.


Health Tip 3
Stay Fit – Stay Healthy


Staying fit is the key to staying healthy. An active lifestyle is essential to recharge and rejuvenate the mind and the body. Exercise regularly, practise pranayama, learn yoga and meditation for a host of benefits they offer. Inculcate hobbies that require you to step out in nature – go for trekking, cycling and other fun activities with your gang. Manage your insulin levels and ensure cholesterol prevention by taking care of finer details of your food intake and lifestyle changes. Maintain a healthy weight by eating consciously and shed those kilos by including superfoods like MoringaTriphala, and Amla in your diet. Learn more about healthy weight management with superfoods.

Health Tip 4
Pamper Yourself – Skin and Hair Care

 Beautiful inside and beautiful outside is the mantra to boost confidence and take your happiness a level up. Caring for your skin and hair need not mean buying products loaded with chemicals or visiting a salon often. Pamper and nourish your skin and hair with natural home remedies that are not time-consuming. Catch up on your beauty sleep and follow your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Check out simple beauty hacks with golden root turmeric and super leaf tulsi or holy basil. Learn how you can nourish and pamper your skin naturally by following a natural beauty regime

Health Tip 5
Build Your Immunity – Manage Lifestyle Related Concerns

Modern lifestyle comes with its own challenges. With the pandemic came the need to build on immunity and with work from home and near sedentary lifestyle and social distancing came the challenges like anxiety, depression, and stress. 

A healthy mind results in a healthy body. Take care of your mental well-being and say goodbye to anxiety and stress by including adaptogens like AshwagandhaTulsi, Bramhi, Moringa, Shatavari, and other natural herbs like giloy and Lakadong Turmeric. Learn more about adaptogens and check out tips on dealing with anxiety and stress naturally.

Health Tip 6
Special Care for Special Days – Female Reproductive Health and Menopausal System Management 

 Women need to take additional care on special days. Managing menstrual cramps and preparing the body for menopause is essential. Including Shatavari in your diet can help strengthen your health, immunity, and reproductive system. The miracle herb can restore health, reduce stress and depression, help manage menopause symptoms, and promote your core vitality, Ojas. It can build endurance and stamina and act as a great revitiliser. Learn more about this elixir of health (learn about top 7 benefits of Shatavari) and how you can include it in your regular diet. Check the recipe for Shatavari smoothie here.

Health Tip 7
Go Organic - Natural Care for You and Your Family

 More than anything, you need to embrace a healthy lifestyle and inculcate healthy food habits for yourself and your family. Include ethically sourced, organic products in your daily lives. Get back to the roots to include minimally processed superfoods in your diet. Stay away from junk food and a sedentary lifestyle. Detox your body and rejuvenate your mind. Take care of your mental well-being and physical health. Nourish your mind, body, and soul as a holistic health care.

GoodLyfe Project brings to you authentic and indigenous products that are ethically sourced. The company follows eco-friendly and sustainable practices to ensure quality products that care for the environment. 100% certified organic products (USDA & India Organic) are hygienically processed and packed as per global organics standards to ensure freshness and authenticity. 

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