5 Superfoods That Help Combat Pollution

Top 5 Superfood that help to combat pollution good lyfe project blog

What you eat and add to your daily diet positively impacts your overall mental and physical health. These foods are replete with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients. It is important to add foods to your diet that make your lifestyle healthier. With pollution becoming a serious concern, it is important to consume food that fights pollution and keeps you healthy. 

Here we bring you foods that can help combat pollution.

#1 Ashwagandha
Ashwagandha is a naturally available pain reliever. Pollution is responsible for high stress and anxiety levels. Adding Ashwagandha Superoot Powder helps in lowering stress levels. It is undoubtedly nature’s gift to humankind. You can add it to a glass of warm milk or protein shakes. 

#2 Moringa
Moringa is also referred to as a superfood. When pollution escalates skin ageing, adding Organic Moringa Superleaf Powder to your diet can help protect the skin from the negative impacts of pollution. You can add moringa powder to shakes and bakes, or your paratha and curries.

#3 Amla
Indian gooseberry or amla is a healthy superfood that is enjoyed in the winter season. Pollution combined with harsh and cold weather plays havoc with our health. Organic Amla Superberry Powder is a citrus-based superfood packed with antioxidants that help enhance your immunity levels. It also keeps our lungs healthy and protects them from the ill effects of polluted air. Add it to juice or sip with it with hot water like tea.

#4 Turmeric
Turmeric or good old haldi found in every household is full of benefits. It particularly has a protective effect on pulmonary diseases that occurs due to particulate air pollution. Add Lakadong Turmeric Superoot Powder to your daily diet and keep your lungs safe from the negative impacts of air pollution. Add it to your everyday cooking and whip a delicious turmeric latte.

#5 Tulsi
Tulsi is very beneficial and effective in protecting tissues and organs from chemical stress from residues of heavy metals and industrial pollutants in the air. Add Organic Tulsi Superleaf powder to your soups and teas and enjoy a protective blanket from pollutants in the air. 

Good Lyfe Project superfoods are sourced from indigenous regions and processed using sustainable organic methods. Add these superfoods to your daily diet, and enjoy a variety of health benefits, including combating the ill effects of pollution.

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