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Moringa Beetroot Hummus

The red beetroot, has never been popular, considering that there are not many which as the same color. Initially, I was always hesitant to take the first bite assuming that it would be overpowering and may taste all together yucky. But this preparation along with the addition of Moringa, takes the humble hummus to altogether a different level. One more innovative way of having moringa in your diet. You can have it with breads, as a dip or just plain snack. So, if you want a side dish that has its health benefits (important) and is instagrammable (way more important), this beetroot moringa hummus is a cool recipe you should 100% try.

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Moringa Superleaf Guacamole

Whether you need it for your avocado toast, as a salad dressing, or on a sandwich-guac is a good and healthy addition to almost all kinds of food. And if you're someone who's particular about picking the right kind of avocados (you're already a little preten...- health-conscious), you'd love another healthy addition to your diet- moringa. Try the following recipe and you might never go back to having guacamole without our superleaf moringa powder. 

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