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Ashwagandha Chocolate Sesame Nutty Pops

This preparation is inspired from Til Ka Laddos which come from the eastern states. Til or sesame has been revered for generations in our culture. Whether it is marriage or any Pooja, Til or Sesame is offered as offering to Gods. In winters it is regular affair to have Gazak made from Jaggery and Sesame. I hardly have any winter that goes without it.

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Moringa Superleaf Vegan Adaptogen Ice Cream

Non-dairy, Healthy ice cream? Hard to believe that Ice Creams can be both delicious and healthy. Yeah, it's not an oxymoron. It is a perfect plant based dessert that you could destroy litres of this one sitting without any guilt if you're having a bad day. This three-superfoods-in-one ice cream recipe is something you definitely won't hold yourself back from gulping down, but is something you'd give yourself a pat on your back for discovering!

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