Moringa Superleaf Superhealthy Parathas

This never goes out of fashion. To be honest, this was the first time that I started liking Moringa, by having it as a Paratha. Being committed to good health, you would find in the recipe, how we make Parathas. This process through which the oil doesn't smoke, makes it retain all the good properties and flavors. The heat of the Paratha makes it melt and provides a smooth texture. In a way, it is more like a roti.


The other difference that you would notice is that we advocate cold-pressed oils from plant-based sources. This could be coconut oil or olive oil. You can definitely use ghee, but our recommendation is that you don't put it in a skillet and smoke it. Apply it later, when the roti is crisp. This is very similar to preparing Paratha's in tandoor.


Moringa is a versatile nutrient-rich product from the Drumstick Tree. As you start using Moringa, you will be surprised, how similar it is to Spinach or Palak. And at the same time more nutritious. It has 10 times more iron than spinach (if the quantity is the same). 


This recipe is very similar to the Moringa Ragi preparation that we featured earlier and very easy to make. In fact in your regular preparation, you can simple add 1 tablespoons of Moringa per cup of flour. When you have it regularly, you can witness small changes in you life, starting with load of HAPPINESS


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