Moringa Oatmeal Supergreen Bowl

Well, to be honest, this is an inspired recipe, to make the mornings brighter and green. I'm a big fan of Oats and have been consuming it in various forms- shakes, smoothies, snacks, or desserts. You name it and I have tried it all. The grain is loaded with fibers & muscle-building protein, which is good before (generally 2 hours before) and also after the workout.


Generally, I would have it plain.  I like it that ways, no complains. It started with the need to have a healthy morning, before the workout/run, etc. It needed to be fast and quick. I was content in that way. It worked. Till I discovered Moringa. Along with all the topping, it made the preparation green. And there was no turning back from then. I was trying to make Moringa as a part of my regular routine, could have found a better way. So go ahead try this recipe if you want to get the energy before the workout. These small changes make a big impact!


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