Ashwagandha Chocolate Sesame Nutty Pops

Did someone say fast and quick cannot be delectable? If there is one such person, I would be presenting to him our latest easy to make Ashwagandha Chocolate Sesame Nutty Pops. To be honest, this is inspired by Til Ka Laddos which comes from the eastern states. Til or sesame has been revered for generations in our culture. Whether it is marriage or any Pooja, Til or Sesame is offered as offering to Gods. In winters it is a regular affair to have Gazak made from Jaggery and Sesame. I hardly have any winter that goes without it. Now add to the magical properties of Ashwagandha, Chocolate, roast oats, cinnamon, and flaxseeds. Hmm! With all the good ingredients, I get suspicious (can it taste good!)


Don't go by these unproductive thoughts. Ashwagandha Chocolate Sesame Nutty Pops easy to make preparation is HEAVENLY. 


Download the PDF of Ashwagandha Chocolate Nutty Pops recipe here...



  • Kapil

    What an awesome recipe!!!

  • Prashmi Khanna

    This is interesting!

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