Amla Sweet Potato Veggie Burger

Of late there is surely a new found love in sweet potato for me. It is one the high-calorie starch food and I first started sampling this food when before the long runs, preferring it over the humble potato. This recipe is definitely the spotlight of a party. Having a bit tangy, sweet, and soft texture, this would go with any age group. Especially the kids, for whom we are always looking for nutritious food. Given the flavor and the texture of Amla Sweet Potato Veggie Burger, the kids will love and may even prefer over the regular one. Designed to serve as a snack or as an appetizer, this delectable preparation can very well go with the soups and salads. 


Amla Sweet Potato Veggie Burger is easy to make and also its preparation doesn't take much time. You can keep this as a regular item in your fridge. Because once you start serving, your loved are bound to get hooked!


Use this link to download the amazing Amla Sweet Potato Veggie Burger recipe card


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  • Om Narayan

    Great recipe. Worth trying.

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