Amla Superberry Dal

No food blog is complete without comfort food. What could be more comforting than Dal. This no-frills recipe is inspired by a Bengali recipe, easy to make, and can be had with a number of accompaniments. Unlike others, I love to have Amla Superberry Dal as is. 


It is no secret that Amla (India Gooseberry) is rich in nutrients and mention in Ayurveda. It is an extremely rich source of Vitamin C, Iron & Zinc. Each of these good nutrients builds immunity. In addition, Amla is a great for hair, skin & scalp. We can go on and on, but if you're interested, you can check our general trivia section for more information.


So, here's the simple recipe for Amla Superberry Dal, inspired by a Bengali comfort food. Are you ready to taste the goodness & unique taste of Amla.



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