Moringa Avocado Amla Power Mask

If there would be a poll regarding the most versatile fruit, I'm quite certain that Avocado would be one of the top 10 finalists. The refreshing fruit has been my current favorite, where not only you can make many dips and shakes. There are many recipes on our site that you need to check out. And add to that Moringa, one of the most nutritious Superfood, Honey & Amla, which has been our motto. Easy and nice, but no compromise!


This easy to make power pack is really powerful. Avocados are high on antioxidants, Vitamin E & C. The natural oils that the fruit has can deeply penetrate to hydrate and nourish, keeping the skin healthy and smooth. Lutein, which is another nutrient that Avocado possesses is a carotenoid that promotes skin elasticity. Its oleic acid and chlorophyll help to reduce redness and inflammation. 


Amla on the other is power-packed with Vitamin C and restores the natural glow on the face. Moringa when used on the face prevents wrinkles and free radical damage to the skinMoringa helps firms up your facial skin and also help reduce wrinkles and blemishes.


When you mix these three superpower packed food, you get a super rejuvenating mask and will get addicted to every weekend. Here's how you can make it...





Mix all the ingredients together, till you get a fine paste.



  1. Apply gently on the face
  2. Leave for 25-30 minutes
  3. Rinse with lukewarm water


Alternately you can also use powdered oats and mix in the paste. You can add rose water to the water for aroma. 

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